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About EcoLand
EcoLand is a hands-on, multi-sensory learning center where children learn about the earth and its properties through investigation. EcoLand's goal is to create an experience that engages all senses and utilizes hands-on methods of teaching foundational elements behind complex concepts relevant to the challenges of this new generation of children. In addition to educating, inspiring, and empowering children to protect the earth's environment, the EcoLand exhibits and accompanying activities also better prepare children for the higher-level critical thinking skills needed in the classroom.

EcoLand serves all early childhood students in Region 7 area Head Start, Pre-K, ECSE, and Kindergarten classes. Teachers must complete EcoLand Teacher Certification before scheduling an EcoLand Experience for their class. Visit the EcoLand Teacher Certification and Experience EcoLand pages for details.
  • Create an environment where children are inspired to be responsible, caring stewards of the planet and its inhabitants
  • Facilitate essential pre-school and Kindergarten learning and educational activities that are stimulating and engaging
  • Engage children in interactive, hands-on tasks that elevate developmental skills and cognitive learning
  • Provide a unique learning center and resources for Region 7 schools to use to enhance the educational experience for Head Start, Pre-K, ECSE, and Kindergarten students
The EcoLand Experience
Upon arrival, children are given an interactive preview of all that EcoLand has to offer.  EcoLand Specialists then assist in directing teachers to their unique EcoLand experience. Classes are divided to accommodate small group instruction, allowing each child to get the most from their EcoLand experience. Prior to an EcoLand visit, teachers are provided with Learning Activity Guides that introduce EcoLand’s concepts and deliver foundational learning needed in each content area. Pre-and post-activities based on Pre-K Guidelines and grade level TEKS will be provided for classroom extensions.  

Please note that EcoLand is a free resource for Region 7 Head Start, Pre-K, ESCE, and Kindergarten students.  Teachers must attend required certification training prior to reserving a visit.  This training is free to all Region 7 campus staff whose districts are members of the Academic Content Coop OR  the Head Start / Early Head Start Coop.  

EcoLand Early Learning Center
1200 S. Danville Rd.
Kilgore, Texas 75662
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What our young scientists are saying...
Testimonials below

They really enjoyed all the fun tools provided for each learning center. I think having the gloves, shovels, magnifying glasses, and so much more really helped them to get into the center and enrich the learning part of it. I would like to start providing more fun tools like that in my own classroom during stations and centers, so that maybe they can really dive in and use each center to its full potential.  EcoLand was nothing short of AMAZING! My students enjoyed themselves and learned so much. We had a blast exploring each room and the students didn't want to leave. I wish we had all of those resources in our own classroom to make every day special for them.

Courtney Evans – Cushing ISD - PreK

My students' favorite part was using the magnifying glasses, rulers, & binoculars to just freely observe the garden area. I plan to work in more time especially in the spring for us to do things like that. They also really enjoyed the weigh stations with the rocks and buckets. I am going to create a Montessori lesson similar for my shelf and the students will be able to choose that as work during our Montessori block.  Students are allowed to explore and observe using scientific tools, build vocabulary, classify, sort, have discussion and explain their learning. There are so many activities that align with many of our PreK guidelines.  Our experience was great!!! The staff is so helpful and really helps the trip to run smoothly. I appreciate everything they do and their effort to always check in frequently to make sure we don't help of any kind.

Jackie Terry – Longview ISD – Head Start

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