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  • Current EcoLand certification is maintained by attending EcoLand with your class yearly. 
    Teachers who are trained, but do not schedule a visit during the 21/22 school year, will need to renew their certification.
  • Exceptions have been made for teachers unable to attend due to COVID restrictions. Certifications will be retained for the  2021/2022 school year.
  • If you are still certified but, have not been to EcoLand due to COVID restrictions, we offer an optional Online EcoLand Certification Course that would be beneficial both as a refresher and to assist you in obtaining 6 CPE hours. Teachers are encouraged to visit the facility following the completion of the online portion of this course.  Please contact EcoLand staff for more information or to register for the online course.
Schedule Your EcoLand Experience 
Zooming With Terry and Friends!
EcoLand staff is excited to offer remote, live animal interactions to members of the Academic Content Coop and the Region 7 Head Start grant.  Like our typical registration, teachers first check the EcoLand Event Calendar below for time slots and available offerings.  Links to register for the Zooms topics are embedded in the calendar below and are highlighted in PURPLE.  Interactions last 30 minutes, and multiple classes will be attending simultaneously. 

This is a GREAT opportunity for students to practice participating in an online platform (Zoom) and learn how to ask questions, type in chats and even share their screen while you are there to help them along the way.  Don't Worry!  You can still schedule in-person visits for your class as well!


Click the Green Button to Register TODAY!

EcoLand is taking all necessary precautions to return to regular operations.  Registration is now open for the 21/22 school year. 
Teachers must complete EcoLand Certification before scheduling an EcoLand Experience.  Requests for visits must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested date. Beginning August 2nd, 2021, teachers will be able to register for one EcoLand Experience  (for any date between September 13th, 2021, and May 26th, 2022).  Beginning December 9th, 2021, teachers will be able to register for a second visit.
Please click HERE to download an optional registration worksheet that will help you gather all necessary registration information before entering it digitally.  

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID related protocols please contact EcoLand staff at (903) 988-7680.

EcoLand Event Calendar (Registration Opens August 2nd, 2021, for the 2021/2022 School Year).
Use the calendar below to browse available EcoLand Experiences. Next, complete the EcoLand Experience form linked above by clicking the green "Schedule Your Experience" button. Remember to list two preference dates in case the first date is unavailable. EcoLand Staff will review forms and confirm that submitting teachers have completed the required EcoLand Teacher Certification. Once certification and date availability have been verified by EcoLand Staff, submitting teachers will receive a confirmation email.
EcoLand Experience Required Forms & Training
Required forms may be scanned and submitted via email to  As an alternative, forms may be faxed to (903) 988-7699.
All forms must be completed and submitted one week before your scheduled EcoLand Experienced date.
  EACH teacher must complete a SEPARATE cover sheet with his/her forms to follow.  Please do not mix class forms with another teacher's paperwork.  We appreciate your cooperation.

A NEW form required EACH visit!
Teachers are required to train all adult supervisors in procedures, rules & expectations. (Use the Volunteer Training Guide to review materials provided on our website). Teachers & adult supervisors must read, sign & submit the form.  ALL visiting adults MUST have an Adult Training Verification form on file, signed by the campus administrator, to be admitted into the building. 
cover sheet

Each teacher must complete the EcoLand Cover Sheet & include it with all faxed/emailed forms.   Do not mix your forms with another teacher's class.  Remember to check that all forms are completed in their entirety before sending, specifically check for the administrator's signatures on the Adult Training Verification form.

All teachers scheduled to visit EcoLand must read & sign EcoLand's Rules & Expectations before attending an EcoLand Experience. Adult supervisors attending with your class must also verify that they have read & understand the EcoLand Rules & Expectations.

Region 7 ESC & EcoLand policies require that the students' guardians complete & sign the Region 7 ESC media release. This form is available in English & Spanish.

Click here for step-by-step instructions to make your EcoLand experience productive and enjoyable.  A customizable, optional parent COVID letter is available HERE to assist in informing your parents of all safety measures. 
Friendly Reminder:  Bring at least one change of clothes for your students!  Accidents happen!
adult media


Region 7 ESC & EcoLand policies require that attending adults complete & sign the Region 7 ESC media release permitting Region 7 ESC to utilize pictures & videos of adults as they work with students in EcoLand learning centers. Please submit signed releases with all other required forms
What our young scientists are saying...
Testimonials below

They really enjoyed all the fun tools provided for each learning center. I think having the gloves, shovels, magnifying glasses, and so much more really helped them to get into the center and enrich the learning part of it. I would like to start providing more fun tools like that in my own classroom during stations and centers, so that maybe they can really dive in and use each center to its full potential.  EcoLand was nothing short of AMAZING! My students enjoyed themselves and learned so much. We had a blast exploring each room and the students didn't want to leave. I wish we had all of those resources in our own classroom to make every day special for them.

Courtney Evans – Cushing ISD - PreK

My students' favorite part was using the magnifying glasses, rulers, & binoculars to just freely observe the garden area. I plan to work in more time especially in the spring for us to do things like that. They also really enjoyed the weigh stations with the rocks and buckets. I am going to create a Montessori lesson similar for my shelf and the students will be able to choose that as work during our Montessori block.  Students are allowed to explore and observe using scientific tools, build vocabulary, classify, sort, have discussion and explain their learning. There are so many activities that align with many of our PreK guidelines.  Our experience was great!!! The staff is so helpful and really helps the trip to run smoothly. I appreciate everything they do and their effort to always check in frequently to make sure we don't help of any kind.

Jackie Terry – Longview ISD – Head Start

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