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Teacher Certification

Attention all Region 7 Head Start, Pre-K, ECSE, Kindergarten, and grade 1 early childhood educators! It's time to make sure you're EcoLand certified. Good news!- it's totally free for campus staff from districts in the Academic Content Coop OR the Head Start Coop. Let's get certified and make those EcoLand adventures happen! #EcoLandCertified

Remember: Students attend free of charge, but teachers must hold current EcoLand certification to schedule a visit.    EcoLand certification is maintained by attending EcoLand yearly.  Teachers must renew their certification if there is a lapse in attendance.  

For additional workshop information please contact:

Amber Johnston
Education Coordinator
(903) 988-7683
Brittany Sipes
Education Specialist
(903) 988-7691
Paula Willis
EcoLand Secretary
(903) 988-7692

Teacher Certification

May 30th, 2024
Workshop # 304665
June 5th, 2024
Workshop # 304672
June 6th, 2024
Workshop # 304675
June 10th, 2024
Workshop # 304676
July 17th, 2024
Workshop # 304680
July 18th, 2024
Workshop # 304681