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About EcoLand

Hey early childhood teachers in Region VII! Have you checked out EcoLand yet? It's a standards based learning center created just for you and your students! We're all about hands-on, multi-sensory learning that makes complex concepts easy to understand. Let's dive in together!

Our Goals:

  • Spark a love for our planet and its creatures, nurturing responsible and caring attitudes in children.
  • Bring essential PreK/ Head Start, Kindergarten, and 1st grade learning to life with fun, standards-based activities.
  • Dive into interactive, hands-on tasks that boost developmental skills and cognitive growth.
  • Offer Region 7 schools a special learning hub and resources to enrich educational journeys! 

The EcoLand Experience

Welcome to the EcoLand Experience!
First up, student meet Terry the Tree Frog, our friendly mascot who's ready to show you around! Then, teachers head to their classrooms while kids get sorted into small groups for awesome activities!  We've got a bunch of fun stuff lined up, and teachers can choose what works best for their students! Plus, we've got handy Learning Activity Guides packed with sample lesson plans and all the materials you'll need.  And don't worry, everything we do here follows state guidelines and offers cool extensions for even more learning fun! ?? Let's dive in and make some memories together! 

Zooming with Terry & Friends

Get ready for "Zooming with Terry & Friends" at EcoLand!
We're thrilled to offer free live animal interactions via Zoom to members of Academic Content Coop or the Region 7 Head Start Grant. It's a fantastic chance for students to practice their online skills, like asking questions, chatting, and even sharing their screen! And don't fret - you can still schedule in-person EcoLand Experiences for your class too. Offerings change monthly, so be sure to check our website's "Schedule Your Experience" section for available interactions on the event calendar. Let's make learning fun, whether online or in-person!